Probation Service marks Restorative Justice Week


On Friday the 25th November 2016, the Director of the Probation Service will host an event at Probation HQ to mark Restorative Justice Week. Restorative Justice week is recognised globally each year on the third week in November, to acknowledge the impact and achievements of the Restorative Justice approach and its application in the traditional justice system.


This event  - “Restorative Justice 2016: Established Models/Bespoke Interventions” will bring together staff from the Probation Service, Community Projects and representatives from the Department of Justice and Law Reform to view a DVD which portrays a case re-enactment of an Offender Reparation Panel. A number of case vignettes will also be presented from practice around the country. The event is a celebration of what has been achieved over the last number of years providing an opportunity for networking and creative learning.


 The Probation Service recognises Restorative Justice as a specific approach, integrated in to practice, as part of the overall Service strategy of providing an effective response to crime. The approach complements existing traditional criminal justice sanctions.