Funding for Community Based Organisations.


As a community-facing organisation, the Probation Service recognises and acknowledges the important role that the community plays in working with offenders, supporting their rehabilitation, re-integration and engagement in a positive lifestyle. Many offenders come from difficult backgrounds and have complex needs such as alcohol or drug problems, and challenges in the areas of literacy and social skills. These problems require a broad range of support and assistance if they are to make better choices. Engagement in education and training and access to behaviour management and treatment services can be critical to the successful rehabilitation and reintegration of an offender.


In  2018, the Probation Service provided almost €17 million directly to Community Based Organisations working with adults and young persons. Each year these organisations commit to a range of outputs in line with the strategy and work plan of the Probation Service. They provide essential services to help in reducing offenders’ risk of reoffending and facilitate their reintegration in their communities.


Community Based Organisations provide a diverse range of services, addressing offender need including training and education, offender management programmes, residential accommodation, and drug and alcohol treatment programmes.


In addition to the existing funded projects, the Probation Service invites any other interested Community Based Organisations, who are working with offenders in the criminal justice system and are interested in obtaining funding, to complete and forward the attached application form and attached financial application spreadsheet to the Probation Service Community Programmes Unit at  The latest date for receipt of funding applications is the 30th November 2018.


It is intended that decisions on any new application for funding will be made by the end of  January 2019, and the Probation Service will notify decisions to the relevant Organisations as soon as possible. 

If engaged, service providers will be subject to the terms and conditions of Department of Public Expenditure and Reform Circular 13/2014.