The Probation Service's monthly 'Point in Time' Statistical Report, at 1st December 2023, has been published and is now available on the Service's website.

The Probation Service publish monthly statistical updates on the Service's caseload of offenders currently being dealt with in the community and in custody. This summary information is taken from data on our (IT) Case Tracking System and reflects a 'snapshot' of our caseload at a single point in time each month. The reports are published on the first working day of each month. While the categorisation of probation referrals can be relatively complex in reality, this monthly bulletin will capture and reflect the situation in simple terms, highlighting 'headline' categorisations by geographical spread, age and gender, predominantly, with some statistical breakdown of some of the more significant supervision categories.

This initiative marks an important development and the resulting statistics will be available to Service stakeholders, researchers and anyone with an interest in the work of the Service.

The statistics in relation to the 1st of December 2023 are now available using the links below:

Probation Service Monthly Statistical Report

Glossary of Terms

The current monthly statistical report can be accessed via the link above or in the Publications/Statistics section of the website